6 TCK Movies that happen to be my favorites

Last week we looked at some Kids movies that Third Culture Kids (TCKs) can relate to.  This week, have a look at 6 of MY favorite "Grown-Up" movies which I think TCKs will be able to relate well with.  Check them out! Note: Third Culture Kids is a term that describes those individuals that spend… Continue reading 6 TCK Movies that happen to be my favorites


“TCKs in Transition” Hey everyone, I saw this VIMEO titled "TCKs in Transition" a while ago, but I thought it would be a great way to introduce the Third Culture Kid" to those of you who don't know much about them. What do you think?  Do you find any of this surprising? relevant to you?  interesting? If you… Continue reading “TCKs in Transition”

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The Cheese Curl Princess

I apologize for the lack of pictures... I had 2 pictures I was going to show, but every time i try to download a picture, wordpress says "error".  Any ideas? Quick recap: I've been writing about missionary toddlers here in Thailand and how cute they are and how their lives are a bit different than… Continue reading The Cheese Curl Princess