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Ministry Update: Defining a TCK Advocate

I brought it on myself. I was allowed to pick my own title, and this is the best I could come up with. I thought it might be helpful to break it down...


Patriots of the World may have mentioned before that I worked retail in a certain popular old country store/restaurant.  Every Spring, the store sets up a large display of fantastically patriotic red, white, and blue items in preparation for the 4th of July.  There are several variations of American flags on shirts, scarves, mugs, earrings, necklaces, toys, etc.… Continue reading Patriots of the World


Attitude of Gratitude

image retrieved from promised, in the next few weeks (while I'm adjusting in THAILAND!!!) I'm going to tell you a bit about what I learned from the interviews I held over the past semester.  I group-interviewed 4 missionary kids, and then I held personal interviews with 5 separate college-age missionary kids (MKs).  Four of the… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: Amanda

So far, I have introduced you to 5 different missionary kids who have shared their experiences growing up abroad in various Asian countries (Nate, Melody, Dorines, Paul, and on their name to read their story).  Today, I am excited to share Amanda's interview because she offers the perspective of a Third Culture Kid who is not… Continue reading Featured TCK: Amanda

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: Dorines

Our TCK (Third Culture Kid) this week is Dorines.  I met Dorines through this blog, and when I asked if she would be willing to share her experience as a TCK, she was gracious enough to agree. Dorines is a daughter of two missionaries and soon to be a Social Worker.  She is currently in her… Continue reading Featured TCK: Dorines

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: my sister Melody

So my last post told you a bit about how my oldest brother Nate felt about being a missionary kid growing up between multiple countries.  You can see my post entitled Featured TCK: my brother Nate. I asked my sister Melody to answer the same questions about her experience, and I was very excited to see how her… Continue reading Featured TCK: my sister Melody

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: my brother Nate

As a matter of interest, I decided to send out some questions to my siblings about their experience as a missionary kid.  Today, I will present the answers given to me by my oldest brother, Nate.  Next time, I will post the answers given by my Sister Melody.  You will notice that both siblings have… Continue reading Featured TCK: my brother Nate



When I was in Thailand, it was normal for us to have as many as 20 guests over for lunch every day.  It was part of my parents’ job description to welcome incoming missionaries and help them settle into Thailand.  My parents were more than happy to have guests over for meals, and so it… Continue reading Grown-Ups