Letters from Boarding School

Letters from Boarding School: New and Thankful

From: Dorm parents of Harmony (6) and Melody (10) AND Harmony; Chiang Mai, Thailand To: Parents of Harmony and Melody; Lopburi, Thailand Date: September 18th, 1997 Notes: One of the many significant roles that dorm parents at boarding homes play is keeping parents up to date with the experiences of their children.  They help decrease the… Continue reading Letters from Boarding School: New and Thankful


Choosing to Care

Commitment issues... I usually nod sympathetically when someone tell me about difficult breakups due to the other person having commitment issues.  What I don't tell them is that, even though I feel terrible about a friend being hurt by a broken relationship, I tend to identify more to the un-committed (You can read a bit about this… Continue reading Choosing to Care


The Accidental Chameleon

I think people easily forget that when TCKs return to their “Home Culture” (or their passport culture), they often experience culture shock.  I think I mentioned before that I was 8 when we returned to the US, but I had never lived in the US for more than a month (that I remember). When a… Continue reading The Accidental Chameleon