6 TCK Movies that happen to be my favorites

Last week we looked at some Kids movies that Third Culture Kids (TCKs) can relate to.  This week, have a look at 6 of MY favorite "Grown-Up" movies which I think TCKs will be able to relate well with.  Check them out! Note: Third Culture Kids is a term that describes those individuals that spend… Continue reading 6 TCK Movies that happen to be my favorites


Mistakes of an Overconfident Traveler

When I tell you this story, you're probably going to think, "I would NEVER do that!".  I would have said the same thing.  The problem is, when you're feeling a little too excited, you become a little too confident.  And when you are too confident, it becomes a whole lot easier than you think to make some bad decisions...

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Featured TCKs: What’s Boarding School like?

Hey there readers! I have another Boarding School post for you, but I promise we will be moving on to other subjects in June. Anyway, for one of our wrap-up posts on boarding, let's get some more feedback from others. Since we have asked parents about their decision choosing boarding school for their kids, I… Continue reading Featured TCKs: What’s Boarding School like?

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Featured Parents: Why boarding school?

Ever wonder why some missionary parents opt for boarding school? Who better to ask than the parents themselves? Below are responses from 5 parents I know who chose to send their children to boarding school when they were serving as missionaries in East Asia. Note: This post is not meant to suggest one method of schooling… Continue reading Featured Parents: Why boarding school?

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Featured TCK: Shan Shan

I wish you could meet our next guest in person.  I worked as a dorm assistant in the same boarding home in Thailand where Shan Shan was staying.  If you were to meet Shan Shan, you would quickly learn how gifted she is as an artist and a musician.  You’ll find her instagram account (Shanshan.akamu… Continue reading Featured TCK: Shan Shan

Ministry Updates

Ministry Update: The Beginnings…

This Saturday I had an awesome opportunity to represent missions at 2 events!!  Last week, a friend from church invited me to be a part of a new church event called "Celebrating Women in Missions", and even asked me to share a little bit of my story in missions and to facilitate a table.  I was… Continue reading Ministry Update: The Beginnings…

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Featured TCK: Meet the poet!

Hey friends, Meet Joel!  Joel has a Dutch passport, was born in England, grew up in a couple of places in East Asia, and now is a senior Business major here in the States.  I met Joel about a year ago as I was connecting with international students in our organization.  He shared this spoken… Continue reading Featured TCK: Meet the poet!


No longer aliens…

Perhaps you are wondering at this point: What is up with this girl's obsession with aliens? Well...  I'll be honest...One reason I chose "aliens" is because it's a good bait-word.  Seriously, would you have clicked on the blog if it just said "TCK Info"?  No.  Neither would I. I feel like "aliens" can accurately describe how TCKs… Continue reading No longer aliens…