Ministry Updates


In the summer of 2015, I was still in northern Thailand, nearing the end of my 1 year experience serving in a missionary kid boarding home.  In 1 month, an airplane would take me back to the US, back to my 2 adorable nieces, and back to life as it always was (which seemed a whole… Continue reading Introducing…


Attitude of Gratitude

image retrieved from promised, in the next few weeks (while I'm adjusting in THAILAND!!!) I'm going to tell you a bit about what I learned from the interviews I held over the past semester.  I group-interviewed 4 missionary kids, and then I held personal interviews with 5 separate college-age missionary kids (MKs).  Four of the… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude


And so it begins!

Hello again readers! I am finally getting to the point in the year where I am starting to collect data from TCKs.  Last Saturday I conducted my first focus group!!! A focus group is just a group interview.  There were 7 of us total: 4 adult TCKs (all missionary kids), my professor, a friend who… Continue reading And so it begins!


The Ambiguous Identity

From what I have read and heard from other TCKs, one of the greatest struggles in growing up among so many different cultures is trying to decipher identity.  I am learning in my classes at school (multicultural diversity and conflict transformation) that people don’t like ambiguity.  Humans are incredibly good at categorizing.  We can’t simply observe… Continue reading The Ambiguous Identity


A City with Culture

I’ve been living in a moderate size town in Pennsylvania for the past 14 years.  The town is mostly composed of white Americans with a few interspersed African Americans and a few Hispanics.  If anything, I would describe it as bland… nothing to really challenge your worldview. But for the past two summers, I have… Continue reading A City with Culture