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Featured TCK: Paul

Paul was one of my best friends when I was in 1st grade.  Paul was my age, and his brother, Evan, was my sister's age (Remember my sister Melody?).  The four of us all lived in the same dorm at boarding school.  We were all away from parents, but for that year, we had many good times!… Continue reading Featured TCK: Paul

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: my sister Melody

So my last post told you a bit about how my oldest brother Nate felt about being a missionary kid growing up between multiple countries.  You can see my post entitled Featured TCK: my brother Nate. I asked my sister Melody to answer the same questions about her experience, and I was very excited to see how her… Continue reading Featured TCK: my sister Melody

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: my brother Nate

As a matter of interest, I decided to send out some questions to my siblings about their experience as a missionary kid.  Today, I will present the answers given to me by my oldest brother, Nate.  Next time, I will post the answers given by my Sister Melody.  You will notice that both siblings have… Continue reading Featured TCK: my brother Nate


A Train Ride Away

The train station in Lopburi, Thailand was always the best place to play. It was an outdoor station, so when you waited for the train, you could look left or right and see the horizon where the train would suddenly appear. It wasn’t uncommon for us to be at the train station.  We would take… Continue reading A Train Ride Away