Testimony of a Fainting Goat

Disclaimer: This post is not entirely related to TCKs, but I hope you enjoy it anyway   The fun started at 6pm… A lady’s night is always fun, especially for us missionary women here in Thailand. I was ecstatic to be able to join the event with the 6 wonderful women I have come to… Continue reading Testimony of a Fainting Goat


Bon Voyage

*written June 12th..I have since arrived in Bangkok and have spent the past 2 days here. * Dear readers,According to the computer screen on the back of the seat, I am at an altitude of 36,998 Km and traveling 914 Km/H.  The computer even informs me that it is -38 outside, in case I feel like… Continue reading Bon Voyage


Attitude of Gratitude

image retrieved from promised, in the next few weeks (while I'm adjusting in THAILAND!!!) I'm going to tell you a bit about what I learned from the interviews I held over the past semester.  I group-interviewed 4 missionary kids, and then I held personal interviews with 5 separate college-age missionary kids (MKs).  Four of the… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude