Online Resources

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  • A great networking site for TCKs.  You have sign up, fill out a profile, and then wait to be accepted.  But it’s completely free, and it can be helpful for TCKs and Adult TCKs who just want someone to have conversations with someone they can relate to.  There are also discussion boards and groups that make it easier to get to know others on the site

Interaction International: Today’s voice for Third Culture Kids and internationally mobile families

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  • Another great site for TCKs and mobile families.  The site offers great resources for books, magazines, learning material, therapists, and so much more that can be so helpful for TCKs.  They also have seminars for TCKs to make the transition easier.


Denizen| for third culture kids

  • Another WordPress site full of great articles about TCK experiences.   I am super impressed by the fact that they have a TCK Career section and a Guide to College


Michèle Phoenix

  • A wonderful website full of reflections and articles written by a woman who has been an MK, has taught MKs, and is now an Advocate for MKs.

Published Resources

“Among Worlds”

  • “Among Worlds” is a neat magazine filled with articles that help TCKs understand their own experiences and relate to other TCKs.  In a way, it’s a guide for TCKs so that they don’t feel lost or alone as they transition between cultures that may or may not understand them.  Interaction International (listed above) is the publisher, so if you want, you can order the magazines on their site.

Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile
by Lois J. Bushong, M.S.

  • This is a book written for counselors, but one that I find interesting having studied Psychology.  Though I don’t plan on being a TCK counselor, I found it interesting to view the lives of the “globally mobile” through the eyes of a professional.
  • Note: reading this book does not make you counselor…professional training does

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds  by David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken

  • This is an INCREDIBLE book.  A must-read for every TCK and every person who may be working with TCKs.  It really gives great insight into what the TCK experiences.  The text is interspersed with real stories from real TCKs and it’s an easy read for anyone.

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