Bragging vs. Sharing

One common frustration that TCKs have when they talk to other non-TCKs: being accused of bragging when they talk about their experiences abroad.  After spending my early childhood in Thailand, I craved opportunities to talk to my friends in the States about the country that I had called home.  I wanted to make observations and… Continue reading Bragging vs. Sharing


Now I’m Pumped!

Hey there readers, Long time no see! ... hear ...write...anyway, I'm back  🙂 Sorry for not staying in touch in the last few weeks.  At the end of last month, I was in Colorado leading childcare for 4 of our missionary kids(MKs) who have recently returned from the field to the US.  I had such an… Continue reading Now I’m Pumped!


6 TCK Movies that happen to be my favorites

Last week we looked at some Kids movies that Third Culture Kids (TCKs) can relate to.  This week, have a look at 6 of MY favorite "Grown-Up" movies which I think TCKs will be able to relate well with.  Check them out! Note: Third Culture Kids is a term that describes those individuals that spend… Continue reading 6 TCK Movies that happen to be my favorites


Mistakes of an Overconfident Traveler

When I tell you this story, you're probably going to think, "I would NEVER do that!".  I would have said the same thing.  The problem is, when you're feeling a little too excited, you become a little too confident.  And when you are too confident, it becomes a whole lot easier than you think to make some bad decisions...



I hang on tight to the colorful hand grips that are screwed into the wall, questioning myself for a 10th time since I started this climb whether I attached my harness correctly.  Did I secure the clippy-Carry-bean-whatever?  Is my harness tight enough?  I hope this auto-belay is working right.    The funny thing about indoor rock… Continue reading Risky-Business

Featured TCKs

Featured TCKs: What’s Boarding School like?

Hey there readers! I have another Boarding School post for you, but I promise we will be moving on to other subjects in June. Anyway, for one of our wrap-up posts on boarding, let's get some more feedback from others. Since we have asked parents about their decision choosing boarding school for their kids, I… Continue reading Featured TCKs: What’s Boarding School like?

Letters from Boarding School

Letters from Boarding School: Sisters at School

From: Dorm Parents; Chiang Mai, Thailand To: Harmony and Melody's parents; Lopburi, Thailand   Oct. 9, 1997 “Dear Steve and Holly, Melody is getting on fine.  Having Harmony here helps her, though they don’t spend very much time together, each playing with her own age group more.  But occasionally they will get together, hold hands… Continue reading Letters from Boarding School: Sisters at School