Now I’m Pumped!

Hey there readers,

Long time no see! hear write…anyway, I’m back  🙂

Sorry for not staying in touch in the last few weeks.  At the end of last month, I was in Colorado leading childcare for 4 of our missionary kids(MKs) who have recently returned from the field to the US.  I had such an AMAZING time with the MKs and with my team (who also happen to be Adult MKs!)!!

Now, I’m even MORE pumped to start working full time with Missionary Kids!!!!

Let me share some spotlights from the week:

Here they are!  These kids were so great and were tons of fun.  We all learned that we shared a love for music, so there was a LOT of singing through the week (also, this is not my picture)
The week involved a LOT of field trips.  This field trip was to the mall where we did a scavenger hunt!  


Part of our program was helping the kids understand what a Third Culture Kid is.  Here is a diagram I drew for one of our kids, explaining how culture has influenced his life.


It looks like I’m doing yoga, but I’m teaching…I promise!  The curriculum (designed by our TCK Advisor) was AWESOME to teach, focusing on the power of God’s hands in our lives and


Here is a picture of my fabulous team! These 2 (jokingly my bodyguards) were such a huge encouragement and support throughout the week.  The kids LOVED them…I love them…they are just amazing in every sense of the word!


I’ve been a bit behind in updates lately, but I hope the extra pictures make up for it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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