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Featured TCKs: What’s Boarding School like?

Hey there readers!

I have another Boarding School post for you, but I promise we will be moving on to other subjects in June.

Anyway, for one of our wrap-up posts on boarding, let’s get some more feedback from others.
Since we have asked parents about their decision choosing boarding school for their kids, I decided to also ask some fellow Missionary Kids about their general experiences going to boarding school.

Here are their answers:

“Going to a boarding school gives you your needs as a TCK growing up. The people you live with become your family especially when you lived with them at an age where no one has hit puberty yet.”

“My boarding school experience wasn’t like many others. Struggling with depression and anxiety in a house of 20 people isn’t ideal but having dorm parents who loved me and dorm assistants who spent quality time with me made it all ok.”

“Boarding school was fun, and I was surrounded by amazing people and loving dorm parents while living in a safe, family-like environment. Even so, I had a hard time being away from my parents, and I still grieve the years lost living with my parents and siblings.”

“I really enjoyed life at the dorm, for me it was home. Everyone there became family to me and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Everyone there has each other’s back. So if you’re missing your parents there’ll be someone to help you through it. Or if you need help with homework, you’ll have a dorm sibling that’s already passed that course and can teach you. Growing up in a dorm is an awesome life experience, it’s tough, but you grow so much from it.”

A dormitory hall celebrates a birthday for a hall resident and the dorm parent's son
A picture of a dorm family in The Hill: The Family Boarding School (Photo retrieved from http://www.thehill.org/FamilyBoardingSchool)


More from Missionary Kids (MKs) on boarding school:

Michele Phoenix (photo retrieved from michelephoenix.com) 


I was only able to collect responses from a small sample of friends on their experiences.  But if you are interested in learning more,  MK Advocate Michele Phoenix has shared a huge sample of responses that she was able to collect from adult missionary kids.

Here are some of the comments Michele received in response to a question that inquired about the boarding experiences of these adult missionary kids:

  • “It was great!!! Such an important season of my life!!”
  • “Very rough hard times around some fanatic authoritarians.”
  • “Amazing!  I loved boarding school.”
  • “The negative stuff stayed with me for years.”

You can see the rest of the responses at this website: http://michelephoenix.com/survey-for-adult-mks/#mksurvey7  

If you get anything out of the posts on boarding school that I have posted over the last month, I hope you see that there really isn’t a standard for how people view boarding school.  For some, it is great! For others, it’s horrible.  And sometimes, it’s just plain uneventful.

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