Letters from Boarding School

Letters from Boarding School: Sisters at School

From: Dorm Parents; Chiang Mai, Thailand

To: Harmony and Melody’s parents; Lopburi, Thailand


Oct. 9, 1997

“Dear Steve and Holly,

Melody is getting on fine.  Having Harmony here helps her, though they don’t spend very much time together, each playing with her own age group more.  But occasionally they will get together, hold hands or put an arm round each other and that probably helps a lot.

…On Sunday evening the phone rang and Melody asked if she could ring home some time.  I said I would let you know.  You could phone, or if you want Melody and Harmony to phone, please let us know.  Thanks.

Harmony is doing fine, too, though when they were in the Mission Home on Saturday, Jenny mentioned that you would be coming up soon and Harmony asked that night if you were coming tomorrow.  Since then she has been thinking a bit more about home: note the train picture.  She may think that when you come up to visit, she will be coming home with you, but we will tackle that nearer the time.  Still she doesn’t appear too homesick- no tears and she is still bright, with giggles and laughs.”


You can see I labeled the train cars “mom”, “Harmony”, “Melody”, and “dad”

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