Letters from Boarding School

Letters from Boarding School: New and Thankful

From: Dorm parents of Harmony (6) and Melody (10) AND Harmony; Chiang Mai, Thailand

To: Parents of Harmony and Melody; Lopburi, Thailand

Date: September 18th, 1997

Notes: One of the many significant roles that dorm parents at boarding homes play is keeping parents up to date with the experiences of their children.  They help decrease the distance and separation, and help parents stay involved in their children’s lives.

“Dear Steve and Holly,

Melody has had no tears again today and has enjoyed school.  …Melody does look tired and we hope that she is able to catch up with her sleep in the coming nights.

Harmony has enjoyed her first day at school.  She tells you a bit about it below.

She is so appreciative.  She even thanked ________(dorm Father) for buying her her lunch at school (as if it was really generous) and _____(dorm mother) for washing her hair.  ….

With love,

—————–&—————- (Dorm parents)


Mom and dad,

I am having a good day.  I have a music teacher- a very good one.  We have fun times and she almost has the same kind of music as in Sister Act 2.  I am having a really good time here- at school.  I like my music teacher and my other teacher.  I have three teachers and I like them all.  With Miss April we have fun times and we draw.  We tell the days.  We take turns putting the stickers on- like Sunday stickers and Tuesday stickers- and we had bus stickers and school stickers.  I had Math to do sometimes.

They have a really good lunch place and I like the lunch that they make.  I had some noodles with the sauce.

I miss you

Hugs and kisses,






Thank you for lunch”


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