Letters from Boarding School

Letters from Boarding School: Please bring Candy

Want a look into the thoughts of kids at boarding school?  Welcome to “Letters from Boarding School”:  a series of posts that reveal the contents of real letters written by myself, by my parents, by my dorm parents, and hopefully by others who are willing to share their experiences too!

From: Harmony (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

To: Mom & Dad (Lopburi, Thailand)
Age: 6

Context: It sounds like I knew my parents would be coming to visit soon. This letter was one I dictated to one of the dorm assistants.  I remember that they would let me choose what color pencils to write different parts of the letter in. The “Aunties” referred to in the letter are the dorm assistants and dorm mother who were in the dorm to care for each of us kids.

Dear mom and dad,

Please bring a box of candy.  Yesterday I went to a birthday party and the girls name was Hilary. Fiona and Karen stayed in my room for a week.  On Friday Auntie Julie told me to splash Auntie Jayne.  I sprayed her with the hose.  She got her clothes really wet.

Then Auntie Jane sprayed us all. I am not joking about the candy.  I am going to have a brownie uniform.  
Hanni is my piano teacher. Can you please bring up some of my earings? Please bring American Candy.  Thank you for the candy, gum and postcards. I liked the one with the bear best.  It is fun living here.  We had a surprise. We went to the movie theatre.  

I miss you.  5 sleeps.  I am so excited 

Love Harmony



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