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Ministry Update: The Beginnings…

Speaking at the “Celebrating Women in Missions” event at Living Word Community Church

This Saturday I had an awesome opportunity to represent missions at 2 events!!  Last week, a friend from church invited me to be a part of a new church event called “Celebrating Women in Missions”, and even asked me to share a little bit of my story in missions and to facilitate a table.  I was so blessed to see almost 50 women from my church show up to learn what part they play in missions!  Together, we donated about $650 to refugees in Europe.  Each table was decorated after a different country (I decorated my table Thai-style, of course), breakfast was provided, and the event started with 3 women sharing how their lives were affected by

Thailand-Trip Buddies!

missions.  I was ecstatic to be able to share my story with others and to have the opportunity to encourage each of these women in how they chose to contribute to missions.  The table conversations were also great to hear, and I was so happy that 2 friends of mine who went on a short term trip to Thailand were seated right next to me.  (Sorry for the bad quality of these pictures, I’ll do better in the future!)


As soon as the “Women in Missions”

Roxanne and I carpooling

event ended (around 10am), Roxanne (an OMF advocate) and I headed out to Lancaster Bible College where OMF was hosting an all day missions event for students.  One of the sessions during the day was the TCK Panel which I was asked to MC.  I had prepared a lot of questions to ask these TCKs from the college, and they did not disappoint.  Each of these students was so willing to share about their experiences, to be vulnerable and honest about their struggles.  What a blessing to be a part of that!  I was especially moved when one of the girls shared the deep sorrow she felt when her parents serving abroad had told her that they were moving to a different area.  Each of the TCKs on the panel could immediately identify with the pain that the words “We’re moving” brings to a TCKs life.  It meant that this young lady would not be returning to a town and a community that she had so many emotions and memories attached to.  And all this was happening while she was hundreds of miles away, in college, unable to say goodbye.  Her next visit to her parent’s “home” would be unfamiliar to her.


Another shocking point….when ALL 4 of the TCKs on the panel said that
they were looking to go into missions long-term.  They all planned to follow in the steps of their parents as missionaries.  Wow….

Leading a panel of TCKs (me on the far right).  Sorry for the bad photo quality.
I love my OMF family!  These are the great friends I was able to represent with at Lancaster Bible College.  

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