Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: Meet the poet!

Hey friends,

Meet Joel!  Joel has a Dutch passport, was born in England, grew up in a couple of places in East Asia, and now is a senior Business major here in the States.  I met Joel about a year ago as I was connecting with international students in our organization.  He shared this spoken word poem with me and I thought it was so great that I kept it to show others!

Joel gave me permission to share it here for you today, so check it out! You can see him performing this live in the video, but I’ve also written it out for you in case you want to look at it in more detail and soak up Joel’s awesome reflection on his experience as a TCK.

“TCK” by Joel Steendam

Ha where?
I don’t think you understand,
I’ve been a little over here, and a little over there,
honestly I’ve been everywhere,
You see here’s the part where you say,
“Oh that’s so cool I wish that I was just like…
well guess what? that’s easy for you to say,
but let’s just say you had it your way,
come walk in my little big shoes,
just for a little,
just for today,
and I can almost promise you,
you won’t want to stay,
you see in my little world of confusion,
all the ease, the outgoing me,
it’s just an illusion,
I can’t even figure out who I am,
I wish there was some kind of diagram,
you know like 20% asian,
with a dash of caucasian,
and a little bit of just weird,
and you’re still 90% you,
but that other little bit,
well we’re not quite sure
what happened to that,
maybe it was lost somewhere along the way,
in some foreign country destined to stay,
waiting day after day after day for you to return,
but you get there just to find,
another little piece of me was stuck,
in another location,
and I guess what I’m trying to say
is maybe, just maybe,
every life is hard in some kind of way,
but for me I just wish I had a home,
other then just my suit case.

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