Ministry Updates

Ministry Update: Defining a TCK Advocate

OMF (U.S.) TCK Advocate…that’s the full title of the position I’m taking.    I can see the introductions now…

“Hi! I’m the OMF US TCK Adv….”


I brought it on myself.  I was allowed to pick my own title, and this is the best I could come up with.  I thought it might be helpful to break it down…

OMF + US + TCKs + Advocating

Standard no tagline.jpg

OMF:  A missionary organization that brings the hope of Christ to billions of people in Asia (  I grew up as a missionary kid in OMF, so I am thrilled to be able to pass on my experience and gifts to their future generations of MKs!

American flag.png

U.S: I will be based here in the States, in Pennsylvania, from my very home! I believe that my role will involve more travel at some point so that I can interact with various ministries and Missionary Kids first hand.  My role specifically serves American OMF missionary kids as well as OMF missionary kids who are international students here in the States.


TCK: meaning Third Culture Kid… My role specifically involves representing the needs and experiences of kids who feel torn between at least 2 cultures…especially the organizations’ missionary kids.  And even though the “K” stands for “Kid”, I am here to represent the needs of anyone who IS a TCK, who might become a TCK, or who has ever been a TCK before…that could cover anyone from newborns to 100 year olds! You can read more about what a TCK is here.

loud speaker.png

Advocate:  spokesperson, representative, supporter…I want to be a voice for TCKs who just don’t know how to answer one more “Where are you from?” question.  My role involves helping to educate churches, families, schools, and other individuals who may find themselves in contact with TCKs.  

And more than that…I will become a spokesperson and representative between missionary kids in the organization and the organization itself.  I will be there to represent their needs and then take action to see that those needs are met.

Are you excited yet?  I am!!!


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