“TCKs in Transition”

Hey everyone,

I saw this VIMEO titled “TCKs in Transition” a while ago, but I thought it would be a great way to introduce the Third Culture Kid” to those of you who don’t know much about them.

What do you think?  Do you find any of this surprising? relevant to you?  interesting?

If you have any questions about what you see that you would like me to answer or investigate further, let me know in the Comments, or send me an email to .

I thought the last half was especially good because it talks about a couple techniques TCKs and others can use to effectively say goodbye (R.A.F.T: Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewells, and Think Destination…also, Live in the Present and appreciate it!).

You can look up these techniques online to learn more… Dave Pollock talks a lot about them in his book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds.

Thanks for staying tuned everyone!

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