Dorm Life

Quick refresher: I am in Chiang Mai as a dorm assistant in a boarding home for missionary teens attending school away from home.   I have seen first-hand close the relationships are between every teen in this dorm. Though they vary in age, nationality, and interests, these teens see each other as brothers and sisters.… Continue reading Dorm Life


the start of school and unexpected reactions

I am in northern Thailand, beginning my year-position as a boarding home assistant. The dorm is really just a big house for the children of missionaries belonging to one-particular organization. There are 15 teens living in the dorm here, ages 13-18. I work with one other boarding home assistant in addition to the dorm parents.… Continue reading the start of school and unexpected reactions


Patient Smiles

Hi everyone, For those of you who did not know, I am finally settled in my position as "dorm assistant" at a missionary kid boarding home.  I am still learning lots about missionary kids and about boarding school life.  I can't wait to share it with you, but for now, I'll just share a short… Continue reading Patient Smiles

Featured TCKs

The Cheese Curl Princess

I apologize for the lack of pictures... I had 2 pictures I was going to show, but every time i try to download a picture, wordpress says "error".  Any ideas? Quick recap: I've been writing about missionary toddlers here in Thailand and how cute they are and how their lives are a bit different than… Continue reading The Cheese Curl Princess