Bon Voyage

*written June 12th..I have since arrived in Bangkok and have spent the past 2 days here. * 

Dear readers,

According to the computer screen on the back of the seat, I am at an altitude of 36,998 Km and traveling 914 Km/H.  The computer even informs me that it is -38 outside, in case I feel like leaving the plane mid-flight.  I wouldn’t want to catch cold 🙂


I’m sitting in an aisle seat.  The woman next to me seems to be a master of international flights.  She has slept for almost the entire 9 hours we have been flying, and she hasn’t even gotten up once.  The flight attendant stands beside me, her cart full of treasures.  Pancakes or omelet are my choices.  I choose pancakes, of course.  My mouth has been insanely dry the entire flight…something to do with the filtered air in the cabin?  I have my handy collapsable water bottle with me and have already refilled it about 4 times now.  The flight attendants don’t seem to know what it is when I ask if they can refill it.  But they are nice about it anyway.  


I have already watched two movies, 4 tv shows, and have slept for the majority of the flight.  We land in Qatar in a couple of hours,   Even though my overloaded backpack is stealing half of my leg room, and I wake myself up every 5 minutes during to change sleep positions, I still am anxious about having to get up, go through another customs line, and then find my next flight.  Oh well…


I’m not sure if I’m ready for what’s ahead.  I’m anxious…scared even, of all this change, all this travel, saying goodbye to what is familiar…  The ride to the airport with my parents was the worst.  I was shaking and my heart maintained an obnoxiously fast pace the entire 2 hours to the airport.  I was sick to my stomach and was certain my digested breakfast would soon decorate the car, but that, thankfully, never happened.  My heart rate dropped almost instantly to a normal level as soon as I made it through customs.  The rest of the time in the airport wasn’t too bad. 

Still, I feel like I’m  in a dream.  I just can’t wait till I reach that state of rest from travel, and finally feel excitement for what is yet to come.  

There are so many kids sitting around me.  I wonder what their story is.  Do they feel as anxious as me?  I know experiences are relative to each person.  Do TCKs have an easier time traveling?  If so, what a valuable trait!  The whole world is at your fingertips if you don’t mind the ride there.  

Right now, I know that I will be in Thailand within 10 hours, and I will be living a brand new life for the next year.  I KNOW that, and I know all the details of where I am living, who I will be living with, what the food is like, and tons more about what to expect…Even so, I am so anxious.  I find it strange that I can’t even picture what’s about to happen.  Is there any other way to prepare for what’s to come? Even though I know as much as I CAN know…there is still great anticipation of the unknowns that i don’t know are unknowns yet…does that make any sense?  

The woman next to me has already finished her meal.  There is no food left untouched for her.  Though we have only exchanged greetings, I can tell that she is used to long flights.   My pancakes are delicious, stuffed with apples and smothered in a sweet jam, but I’ve only taken a few bites.  When the attendant comes to collect the meals, I’m embarrassed by the waste, but my stomach is an anxious as my mind.  I continue to sip water and take deep breaths.  Image

The row next to me has their window open, and I have been watching the sky slowly change color from the black night to the blooming oranges and yellows of dawn.

Thailand, here I come…

next posts: my adjustments to Thailand, plus conversations I have had with parents of TCKs.  

3 thoughts on “Bon Voyage”

  1. Kudos to the lady who can sleep 9 hours straight on a flight. I’m presuming she took some sleeping meds. Me, on the other hand, I’m generally up..the ENTIRE flight!

    1. agreed! She’s a pro, but you’re probably right about her taking sleeping meds. That’s got to be so tough staying up the whole flight. I only think the flight was bearable because I was able to sleep through a good bit of it.

  2. Great post, Harmony! I miss you so much, but at the same time I am so excited for you! Glad that you are settling well. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!

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