Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: Evan

Welcome back readers! I've got another Third Culture Kid for you all to hear from.  Remember Paul from last week?  Well, Evan is Paul's big brother.  As I mentioned in my last post, Paul and his brother Evan were in the same dorm as my sister Melody and me.  I've included a picture of all the… Continue reading Featured TCK: Evan

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: Dorines

Our TCK (Third Culture Kid) this week is Dorines.  I met Dorines through this blog, and when I asked if she would be willing to share her experience as a TCK, she was gracious enough to agree. Dorines is a daughter of two missionaries and soon to be a Social Worker.  She is currently in her… Continue reading Featured TCK: Dorines

Featured TCKs

Featured TCK: my sister Melody

So my last post told you a bit about how my oldest brother Nate felt about being a missionary kid growing up between multiple countries.  You can see my post entitled Featured TCK: my brother Nate. I asked my sister Melody to answer the same questions about her experience, and I was very excited to see how her… Continue reading Featured TCK: my sister Melody