Dear readers,

I would like to brag for a second by saying that I just conducted my first-ever interview for TCK research, and it was awesome!! Actually, the awesomeness had absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with what I heard from the young TCK I was interviewing.  I can’t give you any details at the moment, but I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it!  It was relaxing to sit back and listen to the reflections of this TCK and continually think, “Yeah!  I understand that!” or “Wow! That’s something I’ve never thought of before!”.

I am becoming more confident that I can actually do this thing called research.  Because even if my interviewing skills are imperfect, the stories I hear will always be fascinating to me! And every story told stirs up ideas in my head of how I can actually make a difference in this field.  I am already starting to see patterns between the TCKs I meet, and I can’t wait to apply those patterns to possible programs to help TCKs in transition.  I know, that won’t be for a VERY long time, but it’s something I’m looking forward to.

I have about 5 more interviews to conduct before I can piece together the data.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep up the work in my last semester of college.  I can’t believe I’m graduating in 2 months.  What’s even wilder is that I’m moving to Thailand only a month after graduation!  As I may have mentioned before, this will be my first time in 15 years returning to Thailand, the country I was born in and lived for 8 years.  I don’t expect to recognize it or form an immediate bond with the place.  I know it’s different there now than when i was a kid, but I’m still excited to see the place again!

To prepare for Thailand, I am going around to friends and family to tell them about the ministry (serving Missionary kids at a boarding school for 1 year).  I am trying to raise awareness and support, though it’s harder than I thought,  so please keep me in your prayers as I try to get through the next few months.

I’ll keep you updated as to the data I get from the interviews.

Here are my goals for future posts:

  • introduce you to some TCKs and their stories
  • Keep you updated as to the research I find
  • Explore the stories of fictional TCKs seen in movies or books
  • Share more stories about growing up as a TCK
  • Keep you updated as to my preparations for Thailand

Guess that’s all for now

Thanks for visiting!

1 thought on “progress”

  1. Hi Harmony this is a big and lacking field of research and support groups, especially here in Germany. I am in contact with some or more one organisation that tries to help TCKs and well even they are not really rolling yet. I also pray and hope there will be a revival and a greater awareness, I am lucky to be in an area where my different upbringing is being supported and recognized. Much luck and blessing to you! =)

    Together we can do something and bring “die Steine ins rollen zu bringen” meaning “to make a start”.

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