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Featured TCK: my brother Nate

As a matter of interest, I decided to send out some questions to my siblings about their experience as a missionary kid.  Today, I will present the answers given to me by my oldest brother, Nate.  Next time, I will post the answers given by my Sister Melody.  You will notice that both siblings have… Continue reading Featured TCK: my brother Nate



Dear readers,I would like to brag for a second by saying that I just conducted my first-ever interview for TCK research, and it was awesome!! Actually, the awesomeness had absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with what I heard from the young TCK I was interviewing.  I can't give you any… Continue reading progress



When I was in Thailand, it was normal for us to have as many as 20 guests over for lunch every day.  It was part of my parents’ job description to welcome incoming missionaries and help them settle into Thailand.  My parents were more than happy to have guests over for meals, and so it… Continue reading Grown-Ups


And so it begins!

Hello again readers! I am finally getting to the point in the year where I am starting to collect data from TCKs.  Last Saturday I conducted my first focus group!!! A focus group is just a group interview.  There were 7 of us total: 4 adult TCKs (all missionary kids), my professor, a friend who… Continue reading And so it begins!