The scent of home

So I work in a retail shop that sells a wide variety of items, including candles.  And we always have the scent called “Home Sweet Home”.  But the scent is completely foreign to me.  Apparently, it’s the “heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea.”


 Anyway, it makes me think… the home they are aiming for is American.  But what about my Thai home?  Do they have a candle that smells like fish sauce and garlic?!  Ok, maybe not a good idea.  But what about Lotus blossoms, Jasmine, and Orchids and sometimes I even miss the scent of incense. 

I remember our first years in the States and how every once in a while, I would catch a scent of something, and it would take me back to Thailand.  That’s when I would start sniffing the air like a hound dog searching for it’s prey.  As if the scent would take me home or remind me of something important.    

Do you think people experience culture shock when it comes to scents as well?  I mean, is it culture shock to live in a house that smells differently than the home you left?  Maybe it’s one of those minor changes that weighs on people without them knowing it, and adds to the stress.  

2 thoughts on “The scent of home”

  1. Mmmm…a fresh meat market candle…Kidding! I always feel a little stab when I smell something familiar from Thailand. I think smells make me more homesick than almost anything else. The thing is, it’s not like all of the smells are good smells.

    1. I’ll get you meat candle for your birthday 😛 But you’re right, I miss the smell of the meat market, even though it’s pretty gross. Even the smell of fish reminds me of the little bamboo basket with fish we would get for Smokey.

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