Comforts of Home

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Today I need your input,

As I mentioned before (at least, I THINK I mentioned this before), I will be returning to Thailand in June of this year (2014) to be an assistant at a boarding home for missionary kids.  I will be living with about a dozen Third Culture Kids, ages 8-18, from several surrounding countries in Southeast Asia.  My job will be to help them with homework, wake them up for school, plan activities, and just provide them comfort and encouragement.

The question is, how do you provide comfort to a dozen children who each have a pretty different background from each other?  Are there universals to comfort?  These kids are living away from their parents, so I would like to make their time as easy as possible while they are living in the dorm. Basically, how do I become the Mary Poppins of this boarding school?

Any suggestions?  What do you or your kids or people you know find comforting when you are away from home? Have you been to boarding school before?  what did you find helpful? Or course, I already know the spoon full of sugar trick 😉


6 thoughts on “Comforts of Home”

  1. I think it always helps to have something to talk to, especially if you’re away from your family. Someone who listens to you and cares about what you’re saying. Someone who also understands what it’s like to be away from home (or to change home often, like many TCKs do) – share your experiences and ask them about theirs, let them talk about their home. Those are just some thoughts… Maybe they can help?

    1. I think I often forget that even the simple aspect of listening can help. You’re absolutely right Dounia. I’ve been getting caught up in ideas of bringing familiar candy or gifts to cheer the kids up, but I think it’s just about being family to them and sharing experiences together. Thanks for the input!

  2. Kids are usually appreciated the most by their own parents. I think that one of the things that I missed so much was that special love and appreciation that comes from a parent. Thankfully our dorm parents did such a wonderful job of filling in for mom and dad. Let each kid know how special they are and encourage them.

    1. You’re right Mel! It’s always good to be reminded of that. Showing the kids that their experiences are not meaningless (as we were talking about before) and encouraging them through the year. I’m really looking forward to this job!

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