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Rapunzel: A featured TCK


You’ll learn very quickly that I am a HUGE fan of Disney movies. Since I posted a picture of Pascal in the last post, let’s keep the Tangled theme.  Rapunzel is the featured TCK this week (I’ll get to REAL people in later posts).  If you don’t know the Disney version of the story, you need to WATCH TANGLED NOW!!!…For educational purposes, of course.

Ok, she’s not a TCK in the traditional sense, but I think she can certainly identify with SOME of the aspects.  She’s raised in a “culture” different than her home culture.  So she grows up with one way of life… involving paper mache, a bit of ballet and chess…among other things.  And then she has to transition into a completely different way of life.

Fortunately, Rapunzel is a Disney princess, so her Home Culture is a magical kingdom where everyone has longed for her return ever since she left.  Also, being a Disney princess means you deal with limited culture shock, but I’ll let it slide this time. 

But Rapunzel can still relate! She’s out of place (even in a company of 2), and her companion (the ever handsome Flynn Rider) has to get used to her quirks (20 feet of magical hair being among the list)

One of my favorite scenes of the movie exemplifies one of the challenges in transitioning. When entering a new culture, you can feel…well, moody!  At one point, you’re thinking “This is awesome! I love it here! I can actually talk with a cashier in English!”  (Ok, that last point might have just been MY quirk.)  And then you’re thinking “I just want to go home.  Why did we leave?  I don’t want to be here any more.”
In the movie, they portray Rapunzel’s moodiness as a result of guilt… even so, I find it to be a funny example of how a TCK (or any person in transition) can feel at times.  So enjoy this scene:

apparently the first video I posted didn’t work, so here’s another version of the clip


Did you ever have that up and down feeling when entering a new culture?  

4 thoughts on “Rapunzel: A featured TCK”

    1. 10 brownie points for you Katy! I definitely thought a lot about Hercules being a TCK, but I never even considered Tarzan. Good catch!

  1. Yes….overload of the senses….wonder and then not sufficient time to process leaves one feeling lost and asking what if there is something lasting and important and I miss it….I don’t get the clues I’m supposed to be getting. There is mental fatigue…..sometimes there is the game of looking for what’s similar between the culture I came from and the one I am now in, or looking for people who have the same experiences…ever searching for that kindred spirit. But this is a kind of culture shock or counter culture shock. Especially as it dawns on you that everything has changed.

    1. Yup, well said Mom. I’m reading a lot of the same things in the Pollock book you got me. I definitely want to do a post on that Mourning process. Because that’s the toughest part

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